In single tyre configuration, the E57W has an operating weight of 6312 kg and offers a maximum digging depth of 3.495 m. A long arm option increases the machine digging depth to 3.795 m. Standard equipment also includes air conditioning, an overload warning device, a second auxiliary line as well as safety valves in the boom, arm and dozer blade cylinders to eliminate the potential risk of an accident due to hose burst. The most advanced technology has been incorporated to allow simple and easy maintenance, with convenient check points to maximise work efficiency.

Operating weight 6,312 kg
Additional weight for long dipperstick 23 kg
Bucket pivot angle 180 °
Maximum reach of working equipment 6,108 mm
Maximum reach of working equipment, long dipperstick 6,400 mm
Maximum reach at ground level 5,888 mm
Maximum reach at ground level, long dipperstick 6,190 mm
Maximum working equipment radius with boom at maximum height and dipperstick fully retracted 2,448 mm
Maximum working equipment radius with boom at maximum height and dipperstick fully retracted, long dipperstick 2,464 mm
Maximum blade height 421 mm
Maximum blade depth 202 mm
Maximum height of working equipment with dipperstick retracted 4,686 mm
Maximum bucket tooth height 5,976 mm
Maximum bucket tooth height, long dipperstick 6,170 mm
Maximum dump height 4,324 mm
Maximum dump height, long dipperstick 4,510 mm
Maximum depth of vertical wall which can be excavated 2,805 mm
Maximum depth of vertical wall which can be excavated, long dipperstick 3,115 mm
Maximum digging depth 3,495 mm
Maximum digging depth, long dipperstick 3,795 mm
Blade height 500 mm
Clearance, upper structure to ground line 980 mm
Ground line to top of engine cover 1,935 mm
Wheel base 2,100 mm
Machine centre line to blade 1,678 mm
Minimum radius in travel position 4,260 mm
Overall length in travel position 6,120 mm
Blade width (single tyre) 1,920 mm
Blade width (dual tyre) 2,290 mm
Height 2,950 mm
Track 1,600 mm
Minimum turning radius 1,980 mm
Swing clearance, rear 1,650 mm
Make / model Bobcat / D24
Fuel Diesel
Number of cylinders 4
Displacement 2,392 cm3
Maximum NET power (ISO 14396) 42.5 kW
Maximum NET torque (ISO 14396) 204 Nm
Digging force, dipperstick (ISO 6015) 27,459 N
Digging force, long dipperstick (ISO 6015) 24,517 N
Digging force, bucket (ISO 6015) 41,188 N
Drawbar pull 32,362 N
Travel speed, low range 10 km/h
Travel speed, high range 30 km/h
Pump type Split engine-driven axial piston pump and two engine-driven gear pumps
Pump capacity 180.3 L/min
Auxiliary flow 52.5 L/min
System relief pressure for auxiliary circuit 3 226 bar
System relief pressure for auxiliary circuit 2 235 bar
Boom swing, left 80 °
Boom swing, right 50 °
Slew rate 9.4 RPM
Cooling system 11.2 L
Engine lubrication plus oil filter 9.2 L
Fuel reservoir 118 L
Hydraulic reservoir 95 L
Hydraulic system 148 L
Noise level LpA(EU Directive 2006/42/EC) 75 dB(A)
Noise level LWA(EU Directive 2000/14/EC) 98 dB(A)
Whole body vibration (ISO 2631–1) 0.6 ms-2
Hand-arm vibration (ISO 5349–1) 0.5 ms-2