Cost-effective, safe and high-tech. It has a 180-degree swing skip and 6-ton (13,200 lbs) payload and hydrostatic transmission for maximum comfort and safety.

With the D601AHG dumper, you will have an efficient and environmentally-friendly dumper. Equipped with the ECO Mode system as standard, which automatically regulates the machine’s RPM at low speeds, and the optional Smart Stop feature, which switches off the engine when it is not in use, you will significantly improve fuel consumption, maintaining low CO2 emissions.

You will also have an exceptionally safe system. It features a new Hill Holder system, which automatically engages the brake when you take your foot off the accelerator at speeds close to zero. Imagine how easy it will be to manoeuvre on any slope!

Additionally, a digital display is built into the driver’s console, where you will find all of the real-time information about the machine, such as the speed, RPM, fluid levels and alarms.

Unloading system Rotating
Load capacity 6000 Kg
Chassis Articulated
Water hopper capacity 1665 l
Level hopper capacity 2455 l
Heaped hopper capacity 3154 l
Empty weight 4490 Kg
Transmission Hydrostatic
Model TD3.6 L4
Power 55.4 kW
Torque 330@1600
No. of cylinders 4
Emissions Stage IIIB - EPA Tier 4F
Noise level 101 dB(A)
Max. speed 25 Km/h
Maximum gradient 45 %
External turning radius 5900 mm
Traction 4x4
Tyres 405/70-20 (16.0/70-20)
Main pump 25 cc gear pumps
Hydraulic circuit 50 l/min
Working pressure 180 bar
Fuel 69 l
Hydraulic system 60 l
Service Electro-hydraulic, sealed, multi-disc
Parking Negative, sealed, multi-disc