Versatile, cost-effective and flexible. The D450AHG, with its 4.5-ton (9,900 lbs) payload and 180-degree swing skip, is the dumper with the best payload to price ratio available on the market.

The D450AHG is an all-terrain vehicle which, thanks to the design of its skip, is capable of quickly and easily transporting up to 2,670 litres (4.5 cu ya). Specially designed for major work on every type of terrain, it can meet the most demanding payload requirements, despite its small size.

With its hydrostatic transmission, maximum comfort and safety are assured. Thanks to the transmission brake, it prevents the machine from moving under its own weight on slopes, without you even touching the brake pedal. Also, as there is no need to change gears, the driver can focus on the movements of the machine and its load.

Unloading system Rotating
Load capacity 4500 Kg
Chassis Articulated
Water hopper capacity 1370 l
Level hopper capacity 2055 l
Heaped hopper capacity 2670 l
Empty weight 2970 Kg
Transmission Hydrostatic
Brand Kubota
Model D1803-CR-T-E5B
Power 32.8 kW
Torque 150,5@1500
No. of cylinders 3
Emissions -
Noise level 101 dB(A)
Max. speed 21 Km/h
Maximum gradient 35 %
External turning radius 4830 mm
Traction 4x4
Tyres 12,0/75-18
Main pump 12 cc gear pumps
Hydraulic circuit 31.2 l/min
Working pressure 170 bar
Fuel 44 l
Hydraulic system 40 l
Service Hydraulic, sealed, multi-disc
Parking Mechanical, sealed, multi-disc